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We all know someone who's been saving Crown Royal Bags forever!  And maybe it's you! 
What are you going to do with them?  Will they stay in that box forever?

We can help! 

We make Crown Royal Quilts in different sizes and different designs.Working with you, we'll design the perfect quilt for you or for a gift.
The quilts can be any size - from a table runner to a king size.  If you don't have enough Crown Royal bags look on eBay or etsy.  Both have offered them for sale.

These are custom made quilts.  Each quilt is individually priced.  The price is dependent on how big the quilt is, the complexity of the design and supplies (fabric and batting).  We're happy to discuss your quilt and give you an estimate.

Here's a Crown Royal quilt we just finished.

Check out the Crown Royal Quilts on my Pinterest Page!