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Quilt Labels are the finishing touch for your quilt.  Don't struggle with "how am I going to make the label?' "what should it say?" "How can I put a picture on the label?"

Those are some of the questions that prevented most of us from putting labels on our quilts.

We can help you!  Our labels are made by printing the quilt label information on a specially designed fabric. 

Some of the most common info is:
     Who is the quilt for?
     Who made it?
     Who quilted it?
     Where was it made?
     When was it made?
     Why was the quilt made? 

Other words that can be printed on the label are song lyrics, bible verses, service to our country, thank you's.  The only limit is your imagination!

We can also print a photo on the label.

We'll send you a document of the quilt label design for your approval - and then the label is printed.
A small border of fabric will be stitched on all 4 sides of the label - looks nice and it's easier to stitch to the back of the quilt!

We can hand-stitch the label to the back of your quilt or you can stitch it yourself.

Label (4" x 6") with borders- $20
Label (4" x 6") with borders and photo - $25
Hand stitch label to back of quilt - $15

Below are some quilt labels we have done.