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 Tom's T-Shirt Quilts

Although we use the term "T-Shirt Quilt" as our catch-phrase, we are not limited to using only t-shirts to create a unique quilt for a gift or keepsake.   In addition to using t-shirts, we have made quilts using dress shirts, flannel shirts, military uniforms, blue jeans, beach towels, sports jerseys, golf shirts and so forth.  We've had situations where we've been unable to use a particular article of clothing due to its thickness or composition but those occasions have been few and far between.  We're really only limited to our collective imaginations - yours and ours!  Your quilt can showcase your passions, hobbies and interests.  It might show off where you've traveled to and what you've done there.  These quilts are great way to organize and preserve those t-shirts or other clothing that you have tucked away in a box somewhere.   

T-shirt quilts are great for:

  • high school and college graduation gifts
  • Christmas gifts
  • milestone celebrations (birthdays, anniversaries)
  • sports fans
  • racing fans
  • Harley riders
  • runners
  • concert fans
  • vacation memories
  • memories of loved ones
Traditional T-shirt Quilts
Our "traditional style" quilt is prepared by cutting all of the squares (the shirts or other fabric) the same size; usually 13 inches or 14 inches square depending on the size of any logo or print on the squares.  We then sew strips of fabric of a color of your choosing between each of the squares.  The photographs below illustrate how this looks.    

Your Traditional T-shirt quilt includes:

  • Stabilization of all t-shirts and most clothing which prevents stretching.  After your t-shirts are stabilized and cut into squares we'll either text or email a photograph of the layout for your approval.  You can suggest changes to the layout at that time.  We want you to get exactly what you want and value your input!  
  • Quilt shop quality 100% cotton fabric. You choose the fabric color for the sashing, border and cornerstones. The sashing is the fabric between your t-shirts, the border is the fabric around the edge of your quilt and the cornerstones are the small squares between each t-shirt.
  • Quilter's Dream Poly Select batting.
  • Professionally machine quilted.
  • Double fold french binding around the edge of your quilt.

Price Guide for Traditional Style T-Shirt Quilt:
Number of T-shirts  Size of Quilt            Price          
9 48" x 48" $315.00
12 48" x 62" $420.00
16 62" x 62" $560.00
20 62" x 76" $700.00
25 76" x 76" $875.00
30 76" x 90" $1050.00
36 90" x 90" $1260.00
Mosaic Style T-Shirt Quilt

If you have a lot of t-shirts or many articles of clothing, we make a mosaic-style T-Shirt Quilt that is just for you!  It's difficult to say how many shirts you would need for a given size quilt without us first seeing what we have to work with.  The size of the print, logo or photo on each shirt determines how big we cut each square or rectangle.  But, for example, if you want a quilt that finishes at 62" by 76", we would need approximately 20-35 shirts.  We will provide a much more accurate estimate when you bring your shirts to our shop.  Unlike the traditional style t-shirt quilt, there are no strips of fabric (sashing) in between each square or rectangle.  These are sewn directly to each other.  This is illustrated in the photo below. 

Your Mosaic 
Style T-shirt quilt includes:

  • Stabilization of all t-shirts and most all other fabrics.  This prevents stretching.  After your t-shirts are stabilized and cut into squares and rectangles you'll receive a photograph of the layout either by text or email.  Again, unlike the traditional style t-shirt quilt, the ability to make changes at this point is somewhat limited.  Because this style quilt is put together much like a puzzle, moving squares and rectangles can only be done, for example, by switching identical size squares, i.e., 6" x 9" square for another 6" x 9" square.  
  • Quilt shop quality 100% cotton fabric for the back of your quilt.
  • Quilter's Dream Poly Select batting.
  • Professionally machine quilted.
  • Double fold french binding around the edge of your quilt.

Mosaic Style T-Shirt Quilt 

ach Mosaic style quilt is unique.  Your quilt can be any size you want and is priced by the square yard.  The chart below will give you an idea of the price based on the sizes listed but you are not limited to those specific sizes.  We'll customize the size according to your wishes.      

Mosaic style 
t-shirt quilts sizes  
48" x 48" $356.00
48" x 62" $460.00
62" x 62" $594.00
62" x 76" $728.00
76" x 76" $892.00
90" x 90" $1250.00

You've decided you want a T-shirt Quilt - the next steps:

  1. Contact Tom to schedule your appointment either by email or call 814 470 7497.
  2. Gather your your favorite t-shirts or the articles of clothing you want to use.  If you're having a hard time deciding - just bring them all to your appointment. Tom will give you suggestions as to which t-shirts would look best in your quilt.  Wash and dry them.  Don't use fabric softener or cut them. (Don't panic if you've already cut some of your t-shirts - we can help!)
  3. On the day of your appointment bring your t-shirts and any ideas you have for personalizing your T-Shirt Quilt.  A $100 deposit is due at this appointment.  Out of town clients can ship your shirts to us.  We'll coordinate shipping instructions with you once we've obtained all your contact information and your deposit. We will contact you to discuss your quilt.
  4. You will receive an email or text when we start your quilt.  Then you'll get a picture of the arrangement of the t-shirts on a design wall. 
  5. You'll be contacted when your quilt is finished. We will schedule a convenient time for you to pick up your quilt. Out of town clients - we will ship your quilt via USPS - shipping costs are $20 - $30 depending on the size of your quilt.

Caring for your T-shirt quilt

  1. Wash on Gentle Cycle in cold water with mild detergent and Color Catchers.
  2. Dry on Low to No heat or hang to dry.