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What students are saying about the workshops!

"I liked the wonderful, easy-going atmosphere. Took away the tension of learning a new technique."

"Barbara is willing to answer and assist with all questions."

"I liked the nice, relaxed atmosphere."

"Step by step explanations and the visuals helped us learn the techniques."

"I liked the way everything was step by step. Barb paced the class perfectly, gave great tips and I loved the pattern (Southern Hospitality).

"I'm fairly new, and Barbara was so helpful."

"I liked Barb's willingness to repeat, repeat, repeat - great sense of humor. I enjoyed myself very much."

" The demonstrations of the techniques were very clear."

" Barbara's pre-class correspondence was so thorough I came completely prepared for class."

"I liked that my project is coming out well. I wasn't sure I could do this!"

"I liked that Barbara did not mind repeating and repeating instructions."

"I liked that you didn't wait for everyone to finish to show the next step. Showing it in small groups worked well."

" Barbara offers lots of positive reinforcement and has the ability to works with quilters of different levels."

" I liked Barbara's teaching style - not only informative but also patient."

"You are a fantastic instructor and your directions were great!"

"Barb was very informative, patient, helpful and made the class fun!"

"I liked the pace of the class - easy to feel comfortable with precision work." (Migrating Geese)

" Class was well prepared and Barb kept us on track without feeling pressured."

" I liked Barbara's relaxed but clear teaching methods. Very encouraging!"

"Wonderful class. Barbara was very patient and helpful. She had great ideas to make everything work out perfectly. I hope she will be teaching here (Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival) - I will certainly take her class!"

"Barbara's instructions were easy to follow, very encouraging, FUN!"

" I liked how Barbara helped individuals who fell a little behind the rest of the class."

" I loved the extra hints. The pace of the class was perfect. You are very personable and patient. I'm pretty new at this and appreciate the helpfulness."

" I liked learning tips and tricks for when things aren't perfect! Great class - please come back!"

" I liked the no pressure atmosphere. Encouraged each student to sew at their own pace to achieve good results."

" Barbara was very patient with all levels of quilters. She clearly explained all the steps and made it very easy."

" Your instruction style is awesome - I actually "get it!" "

" Loved the class! Barb was an excellent instructor. She answered all questions, made the class fun, and made the techniques easy to grasp."

" Barb always circulated throughout the class to help students."

"Loved the step by step teaching method and samples for each step during construction."

" I liked the pace of the class. No quilter left behind because Barbara provided individualized instruction after teaching to the group. I wish Barbara could return next year - she is patient, cheerful and enthusiastic!"