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Periwinkle Swirl Quilt Pattern


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Periwinkle Swirl Quilt Pattern 
4 Sizes Included
Michelle Renee Hiatt’s companion pattern for Studio 180 Design’s Diamond Rects™ and Corner Beam™

Periwinkle Swirl is inspired by Michelle’s spring gardens, where periwinkle blooms can be found here and there, swirling around in the early April winds. The Swirl blocks create wonderful movement around the Periwinkle Blocks, generating a light and lively vibe, mimicking that fresh feeling of spring! Whether you go with pastel or bright fabric, this quilt will look fabulous! Feel free to alternate the colors to make your own personal version, however be mindful of the suggested values to insure you obtain the fabulous movement. Periwinkle pattern offers four great quilt sizes and settings!

Finished Quilt Sizes: Wall 59” x 59”, Throw: 59” x 83”, Double 90”x 90”, King 114” x 114”

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