Class and lecture fees

  • Full day class – 6 hours - $600 ($550 if combined with a lecture within two months of lecture)
  • Half day class – 3 hours - $400
  • Class fees are for up to 20 students. Additional students can be added @ $35 each.
  • Lecture – 1 hour - $300 ($250 if combined with a class at the same time)
  • Expenses (hotel, mileage, meals)

Class requirements
  1. Room large enough for number of students.
  2. Two pressing stations.
  3. Table at front of the room for instructor.
  4. Table for products

Lecture requirements
  1. Two tables at front of room for instructor
  2. Two tables for products
  3. Clip on microphone – if a microphone is needed.
  4. Two volunteers to hold quilts during lecture

Products Sales - Patterns, tools, rulers and other items will be brought to lectures and classes.Dates can be booked without lecture or class details. A brief bio, a description of the lecture, supply list and description of the class will be sent 3 months prior to the class or lecture.